About the Filmmakers

Jeremy Seifert Director / Writer / Editor
In 2010, Jeremy completed his debut film, DIVE!, Living Off America’s Waste. Initially made with a $200 budget, a borrowed camera, and a lot of heart, DIVE! went on to win 22 film festivals worldwide. Jeremy's second film, GMO OMG, is a journey in search of answers about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and how they affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice. The personal nature of his films find instant connection with viewers and inspire real change both personally and socially. Jeremy uses his films and experiences to speak on issues surrounding the environment, food, and social change at universities and conferences around the world. Jeremy and his wife, Jen, live in North Carolina with their three children, Finn (8), Scout (6), and Pearl (3).

Joshua Kunau Producer / Executive Producer
Josh’s introduction into film production began with the award-winning film, DIVE!, which won at 22 film festivals around the world and even screened at the US capital. DIVE! continues to awaken people to real change around the issues of food, hunger, and the environment. Josh studied law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and after working as an attorney for a few years in Colorado, he decided to follow his love for film and desire to bring forth issues of truth and justice. His ability to rally disparate people around a single cause and inspire renewed devotion and determination makes him an invaluable component to making a film with such a controversial subject. Josh lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Kate.

Jill Latiano Howerton Executive Producer
Jill Latiano Howerton is an actress turned activist. Her passion has always been health and environmental issues, and following her marriage to actor Glenn Howerton of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the birth of her son, Miles, Jill began combining her love of the arts and living a healthy lifestyle. Most recently, Jill produced celebrity PSAs for California’s Prop 37 in collaboration with Food & Water Watch and Funny or Die, which included Danny DeVito, Dave Matthews and Bill Maher. In addition, Jill started her own blog, The Daily Tonic, to advocate for healthy eating, informed pregnancy and nontoxic, conscious living.

Elizabeth Kucinich Executive Producer
Elizabeth Kucinich is a sustainable organic food and vegan advocate. She is a champion for the environment, human and animal rights, and has lived and worked in some of the world’s poorest subsistence farming communities in India and East Africa. Now based in the USA, she is the Director of Government Affairs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, promoting prevention over cure, nutrition over drugs, and human-relevant research and training over the use of animals. Elizabeth serves on the board of the Rodale Institute, Sean Penn’s J/P HRO and the Hestia Gaea Foundation. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, former US Congressman and two-time Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich.

Nisha Vida Associate Producer / Researcher
Nisha is a researcher, writer, consultant and teacher. Born in South Africa during the apartheid regime, and raised in Los Angeles, Vida's research has focused on colonial legacy in the modern era. Vida is recipient of a Fulbright research fellowship to Brazil. Her work analyzes how exclusion of all peasant agricultural workers from Brazil's labor legislation relates to that nation's existing racial and socioeconomic inequalities. Vida is a contributor to foodreform.org, lead organizer of Vandana Shiva's project Seed Freedom LA, and has significant nonprofit and grassroots organizing work in the LA area. She is also an LA County Master Gardener, and has helped start school gardens and teach gardening to youth in low income neighborhoods. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees in international relations and is currently a first year law student at a top 20 US law school.

Rod Hassler Cinematographer
Rod originally studied journalism in college, but after filming a short documentary about the miseducation of lower class Florida middle school students under the No Child Left Behind Act, he shifted his focus to visual, narrative-driven pieces. Documentaries he has filmed include: Manny Marquez‚ Psychopath and Kristin Bauer‚ Out for Africa. Originally from Minneso- ta, Rod lived in Los Angeles for six years shooting television shows for NBC, CBS, E!, and VH1, as well as numerous music videos and commercials. He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife, Saige, and son, Floyd.

Terry Yates Editor
A graduate of Michigan State University and native of Detroit, MI, Terry has become a master of many trades by serving as editor, post production supervisor, associate producer, and visual effects coordinator over the past four years in Los Angeles. Recently he honed his editing skills, working on Alma Har’el’s critically acclaimed documentary, Bombay Beach, winner of “Best Documentary Feature” at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. He’s also made a few foray’s into the narrative world with credits including, Deadheads, a worldwide released zombie/comedy film directed by the Pierce brothers.

Daniel S. McCoy, C.A.S. Location and Post Audio
Dan was keen on selling organic certified food back in 1995 while attending Recording Arts School near Pasadena, CA. His career path in Film/TV Sound lead his passions for sustainability to such meaningful projects as An Inconvenient Truth and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. A foodie with a family, working on this film has been a perfect manifestation of food justice for him!

Palaceworks Motion Graphic and Design
Palaceworks is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in Los Angeles. They have designed titles and film posters for numerous films, from big budget studio blockbusters to arthouse gems. They have a studio in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles where they spend way too much of their time. Their work can be seen at palaceworks.net.